The Hip and Pelvis in Sports Medicine and Primary Care

The Hip and Pelvis in Sports Medicine and Primary Care
The Hip and Pelvis in Sports Medicine and Primary Care is published by in December 2016. This book has 344 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-3319427867.
What a great opportunity it is to participate in the body of information advancing the study of musculoskeletal medicine. As the physician, the readers can attest that didactic presen- tions of musculoskeletal complaints are at a minimum during undergraduate training. The advancement of individual clinical understanding of this field many times is left to the practitioner. Out of imagination, passion, or frustration, we the musculosk- etal practitioners seek to improve our abilities to provide better clinical diagnostic endeavors. The hip and pelvis is an area in musculoskeletal and sports medicine that provides continued mystery. It is the last great bastion of the unknown. Our hope in bringing together many excellent clinician authors is to provide the basis for improved approach to the patient and athlete who have complaints involving the hip and pelvis. Each chapter begins with a clinical case which is probably similar to the patients you see in your practices. Each chapter provides an approach to the diagnosis of hip and pelvis pain and dysfunction that hopefully is easily applicable to your daily activities as a practitioner. Most importantly, we hope that the material contained within this book helps you provide improved care, satisfaction, and function for your patient athletes.
Now in a revised and updated second edition, this practical guide remains an invaluable resource for improving the management of hip and pelvis injuries and presents a spectrum of treatment options for children, adolescents, adults and special populations. Opening with valuable clinical pearls for each topic, differential diagnosis is emphasized throughout the chapters, and evidence-based guidelines and sport-specific considerations aid the reader with injury evaluation and care. From fundamentals―including epidemiology, history and physical examination, imaging and gait assessment―to functional therapeutic interventions, injection techniques, taping and bracing, and both surgical and non-surgical interventions, The Hip and Pelvis in Sports Medicine and Primary Care, Second Edition is ideal for sports medicine physicians, primary care physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers alike.

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