Cyberemotions is published by in October 2016. This book has 318 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-3319436371.

This is the first monograph of its kind introduces the reader to fundamental definitions, key concepts and case studies addressing the following *What are emotions? How do they emerge, and how are *How can we *What are *When do emotions and *How can we model emotions and their changes?  *What role do emotions play in online Edited and authored by leading scientists in the field, this book serves as an introduction and reference resource for researchers working on applications of complex systems methods in the social sciences, as well for social scientists, psychologists, online-community experts and computer scientists.

This book provides an excellent overview of the current state-of-art in research on collective emotional interactions mediated by the Internet.  This fascinating interdisciplinary research field is shown from perspectives of social scientists, physicists, as well as specialists in data mining and information technology.  The book introduces a reader in social phenomena occurring  in cyberspace, algorithms needed for automatic  sentiment detection  and  data driven modeling of emotional patterns observed in on-line groups.

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