CAT Complete Course + 3000 CAT Questions

CAT Complete Course + 3000 CAT Questions
CAT Complete Course + 3000 CAT Questions is published by in January 2012. This book has 763 pages in English, ISBN-13 978-9350131985.

If you are planning to take the CAT (Common Admission Test), this book will be indispensable for a higher score.
You are well aware that the CAT is one of the most important examinations that you will ever take. Your
entire future may well depend on your performance on the CAT. The results of this test will determine, in great measure, whether you will be admitted to the Institute of your choice. There will be many candidates taking the CAT and not all will score well enough to be accepted by the Institute they choose. This book is designed to guide you in your study so that you will score high on the CAT. This claim that this book will help you to achieve a higher ranking has both educational and psychological validity, for these reasons:
1. You will know what to study :A candidate will do better on a test if he or she knows what to study.
The questions in this book will show you what is required and therefore help you get the most benefit
from your study time.
2. You will spot your weaknesses :Using this book, you will discover where your weaknesses lie. This
self-diagnosis will provide you with guidelines for spending your time where it will do the most good.
3. Exam before Exam :You will get the ‘feel’ of the exam. It is important to get the ‘feel’ of the entire examination. Gestalt (meaning configuration or pattern) psychology stresses that true learning results in a grasp of the entire situation. Gestaltists tell us that we learn by ‘insight’. One of the salient principles of this kind of learning is that we succeed in ‘seeing through’ a problem as a consequence of experiencing previous similar situations. This book contains many ‘similar situations’ as you will discover when you take the actual examination.
4. You will gain confidence :While preparing for the exam you will build up confidence, and you will
retain this confidence when you enter the examination hall. This feeling of confidence will be a natural consequence of getting the ‘feel’ of the exam.
5. You will add to your knowledge :In going over the practice questions in this book, you will not if you
use this book properly be satisfied merely with the answer to a particular question. You will want to do additional research on the other choices for the same question. In this way, you will broaden your; background to be prepared adequately for the exam to come, since it is quite possible that a question on the exam which you are going to take may require your knowing the meaning of one of these other choices.

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