Outsourcing Web Projects

Outsourcing Web Projects
Outsourcing Web Projects is published by in December 2011. This book has 76 pages in English, ISBN-13 9780987090669.

Six steps to a smarter business.

Do you wish that you could take on bigger, more profitable jobs, but don’t feel that you have the time, resources, or technical capabilities to do so? This book will provide you with tried and tested techniques that will ensure that you can deliver complex, high quality web projects using outsourced development resource, both on time and on budget! In this book, Dave Hecker, an outsourcing specialist who consults to Fortune 50 companies, reveals the secrets behind accomplishing successful outsourced web development projects. Dave leads you through the process of writing a great project specification to advertise your job effectively, selecting the best outsourcing partner, and managing the project to its successful completion. Along the way, you’ll pick up lots of handy hints—such as simple methods of determining which outsourcing partner is right for you and simple project management tips that will help keep your project on track.

What you’ll learn

  • How to draft an effective RFP (Request for Proposals)
  • Where to list your projects to gain optimal response
  • How to evaluate the portfolios, testimonials, and client lists of potential outsourcing partners
  • Warning signs to watch out for in potential outsourcing partners
  • How to produce a shortlist of perfect outsourcing partners
  • How vendors estimate pricing
  • How to achieve the best prices by being a dream client
  • Why you shouldn’t ask for a discount
  • How to create a fair and effective written agreement
  • How to choose between a fixed-price or hourly agreement
  • How to set a payment scheme and schedule
  • Secrets of communicating effectively with your outsourcing partner
  • How to get a troubled project back on track
  • The Ten Commandments of the great client

Who should do this

If you’re a freelance web developer who is missing out on client opportunities because you lack the technical skills and resources to tackle bigger projects, then this book is for you. Using the information in this book, you’ll be able to outsource projects to a trusted partner in order to take on larger, more profitable jobs that you couldn’t have tackled before! The book is written in the usual SitePoint style: it’s clear and fun to read, with plenty of examples.

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