Rails Deep Dive

Rails Deep Dive
Rails Deep Dive is published by in June 2012. This book has 146 pages in English, ISBN-13 9780987247896.

This e-book (pdf format only) will focus on setting your system up properly (for those systems that support it) and will fly a little lower than the typical 50,000 foot level of many tutorials.

What you’ll learn

  • Set up Ruby Version Manager (RVM) to maintain sandboxed development environments
  • Install Ruby 1.9.3 – install Rails 3.1 – create a Rails application
  • Determine what Rails IDEs exist, as well as their pros and cons
  • Generate a resource for your application to create, retrieve, update, and delete
  • Modify a view template & know what’s next

Who should do this

While Rails is often touted as a good web development framework for beginners, there are rumblings in the community that Rails has outgrown that moniker the changes in Rails 3.1 are a result of a more mature community being in need of an advanced web framework. We’re going to focus on Rails 3.1 (RC4 at the time of writing), highlighting some of the changes at 3.1 as we go. I’ll assume that you’re comfortable on the command line; that is, “curl” is more than a Canadian verb.

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