Attack and Defend Computer Security Set

Attack and Defend Computer Security Set
Attack and Defend Computer Security Set is published by in January 2014. This book has 1656 pages in English, ISBN-13 9781118906736.

Web Application Hacker’s Handbook, 2nd Edition. There have been two broad trends that have evolved since the first edition and will be covered in detail in this edition:

  1. Various new and modified technologies have appeared that are being used in web applications, including new remoting frameworks, HTML5, cross-domain integration techniques.
  2. Many new attack techniques have been developed, particularly in relation to the client side, including UI redress (clickjacking), framebusting, HTTP parameter pollution, XML external entity injection, bypasses for new browser anti-XSS filters, hybrid file (GIFAR) attacks.

The web site to accompany the book contains:

  • Code appearing in the book.
  • Answers to the questions posed at the end of each chapter
  • Links to tools discussed in the book.
  • A summarized methodology and checklist of tasks

Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and DVD is a collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples designed to enhance the analytical capabilities of anyone who works with malware. Whether you’re tracking a Trojan across networks, performing an in-depth binary analysis, or inspecting a machine for potential infections, the recipes in this book will help you achieve your goals more quickly and accurately. The book goes beyond how to tackle challenges using free or inexpensive tools. It also includes a generous amount of source code in C, Python, and Perl that show how to extend your favorite tools or build your own from scratch. Complete coverage of: Classifying Malware, Manipulation of PE files, Packing and Unpacking, Dynamic Malware Analysis, Analyzing Malicious Documents, Analyzing Shellcode, Analyzing Malicious URL’s, Open Source Malware Research, Decoding and Decrypting, Analysis Tool Development, Attack Code, Working with DLLs, AntiRCE, AntiDebugging, AntiVM, Basics of Static analysis with IDA, Basics of Dynamic Analysis with Immunity/Olly, Physical memory forensics, Live/system forensics, Inter-process communication.

The DVD contains original, never-before-published custom programs from the authors to demonstrate concepts in the recipes. This tool set will include files required to complete reverse-engineering challenges and files required for the reader to follow along with exhibits/figures in the book.

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    I can’t download this ebook from as a free user…

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