Implementing NetScaler VPX

Implementing NetScaler VPX
Implementing NetScaler VPX is published by in April 2014. This book has 136 pages in English, ISBN-13 9781782172673.

With a larger demand for responsive websites and availability of services, the IT domain is faced with an ever-rising need for services that are optimized for speed. NetScaler VPX™ is a software-based virtual appliance providing users with the comprehensive NetScaler feature set. Implementing apps and cloud-based services is much easier with its increased service performance, and integrated security.

Starting off with the basics, this book will give you an insight on all the features NetScaler VPX™ has to offer. You will learn how to set it up and configure it in a virtual environment and will also discover how to integrate it with an existing Citrix infrastructure. Next, you will venture into other topics such as load balancing Microsoft and Citrix solutions, configuring different forms of high availability Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), and will learn how to troubleshoot and analyze data using its extensive array of features. Finally, you will learn how to protect web services using an application firewall.

What you will learn from this book

  • Configure different VPN solutions and set up an ICA Proxy
  • Set up load balancing for SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL
  • Gain more insight into traffic management with NetScaler and Wireshark
  • Generate and get historical data with NetScaler Insight Center
  • Design and set up NetScaler VPX;
  • Protect your web services with an application firewall
  • Enhance the speed of your web services using caching and compression
  • Deploy a high availability environment


An easy-to-follow guide with detailed step-by step-instructions on how to implement the different key components in NetScaler, with real-world examples and sample scenarios.

Who this book is for

If you are a Citrix or network administrator who needs to implement NetScaler in your virtual environment to gain an insight on its functionality, this book is ideal for you. A basic understanding of networking and familiarity with some of the different Citrix products such as XenApp or XenDesktop is a prerequisite.

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