Creating Flat Design Websites

Creating Flat Design Websites
Creating Flat Design Websites is published by in April 2014. This book has 112 pages in English, ISBN-13 9781783980048.

Flat design is a simple yet visually appealing and increasingly popular style, particularly good for people just starting to develop their own websites. This book helps you to create a simple and good looking product in the flat design style.

Creating Flat Design Websites will cover the origins of flat design, its principles as a visual style, and how to start designing right away, always making sure that the interface designed doesn’t suffer from usability problems. Learn to design and develop your flat website with external frameworks to save time and money in your project. The book also provides you with tips to avoid the usability mistakes that commonly accompany this style due to its simple look and elements, as well as how to start developing the look of your website in HTML and CSS. Finally, you will learn how you can create your own Flat UI kit to suit your needs.

What you will learn from this book

  • Get to grips with flat design and how you can create your own flat design projects
  • Discover how to create flat designs without losing any functionality or ease of use
  • Develop your HTML website using frameworks to save time
  • Plan and organize your website sections and content
  • Design the layout for a flat design website
  • Understand common flat design usability mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Use Designmodo Flat UI kit to enhance your flat design websites
  • Create your own Flat UI kit for future projects


This book contains practical, step-by-step tutorials along with plenty of explanation about designing your flat website. Each section is introduced sequentially, building up your web design skills and completing your website.

Who this book is written for

Whether you are starting on your journey in web development or you are a seasoned developer keen to develop in flat then this book is for you.

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