Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook

Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook
Axure RP Prototyping Cookbook is published by in January 2014. This book has 300 pages in English, ISBN-13 9781849697989.

Axure has quickly become one of the leading tools for rapid prototyping in use today. Driving Axure’s popularity and wide spread adoption is the ability to iteratively develop interactive HTML prototypes of websites and applications. With the AxShare cloud-based service, prototypes are easily shared amongst clients and team members. Prototypes can even be viewed on Android, iPhone, and iPad, appearing like a native application.

This guide provides fast, practical, step-by-step recipes to create your own custom prototypes for mobile and desktop. You can now easily create your mobile-first designs as well as responsive and adaptive web design interactions. Using real-world examples developed from today’s hottest technological trends, you can take your skills to the next level!

This book takes you through the latest methods to create Adaptive Web Layouts (AWD) with Axure RP 7 Pro, and create widgets for Responsive Web Layouts (RWD). Prototyping for mobiles will now be easier as you will be able to include jQuery Mobile into your Axure Prototypes. You will learn to connect to Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest and create ecommerce order checkout flows to make your prototypes come to life. With this book and Axure RP Pro, you will witness increased productivity in your team by leveraging Axure Shared Projects.

You will see how to create custom templates for specifications to impress your clients, create Masters and build your own custom Widget libraries. You will learn to use AxShare to quickly share password protected prototypes with clients and teammates, and explore integrate Axure Prototypes with external JavaScript Libraries.

What you will learn from this book

  • Prototyping using the latest adaptive and responsive web design techniques with Axure
  • Build mobile prototypes for iOS, Android, and Windows devices using Axure and jQuery Mobile
  • Add social media badges for customer-specific Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts
  • Connect to Google Play and Apple iTunes Stores using the official Google Play and Apple iTunes APIs
  • Animate paper prototypes with Axure
  • Incorporate inline frames with external HTML and CSS
  • Use YouTube and Vimeo in your prototypes
  • Work with Open Source Fly Out Zoom for product visualization
  • Add Google Photo Spheres to prototypes
  • Leverage Google Maps and Geolocation with Axure
  • Send data to Salesforce from your prototype
  • Create reusable custom Masters and libraries
  • Maximize productivity with AxShare and Axure in team environments


This highly practical cookbook is comprised of easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes to improve your efficiency and take your Axure skills to the next level of expertise.

Who this book is for

If you are a designer, information architect, business analyst or user experience professional who wants to gain advanced prototyping skills with Axure, this book will be ideal for you. Some experience with prototyping is preferred.

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