Notes to a Software Team Leader

Notes to a Software Team Leader
Notes to a Software Team Leader is published by in September 2013. This book has 129 pages in English, ISBN-13 9788299933209.

This book is meant for software team leaders, architects and anyone with a leadership role in the software business.

  • Read advice from real team leaders, consultants and everyday gurus of management.

These include, among others, Johanna Rothman, Uncle Bob Martin, Dan North, Kevlin Henney, Jurgen Appelo, Patrick Kua and many others. Each with their own little story and reason to say just one thing that matters the most to them about leading teams.

See what it’ll feel like if you do things wrong, and what you can do about things that might go wrong, before they happen.

This book will try to be the book I wish I had when I first became a team leader.

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