Amateur Photographer Oct 08 2016

Amateur Photographer Oct 08 2016
Amateur Photographer Oct 08 2016 is published by in October 2016. This book has 84 pages in English, ISBN-13 .

Amateur Photographer is a British photography magazine, published weekly by Time Inc (UK) Ltd. The magazine provides articles on equipment reviews, photographic technique, and profiles of professional photographers.
Amateur Photographer was first published on 10 October 1884, making it over 130 years old. It has established itself as the world’s number one weekly photography magazine[citation needed]. Some of the most renowned photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, David Bailey and Bob Carlos Clarke have written for the magazine over the years.

The Test Reports from past publications can be purchased online from TestReports. There are nearly 9,000 tests available; consisting of reviews of cameras, lenses and other equipment.

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