Automated Testing With PHP

Automated Testing With PHP
Automated Testing With PHP is published by in October 2014. This book has 21 pages in English, ISBN-13 .

About Patkos Csaba
I had my first contact with computers in the mid-80s when I visited my father at work. Probably it was an important moment for what I am doing now. I am a proud member of an agile team working for a company called Syneto. Through my carrier I programmed in several programming languages and I had the chance to learn and use daily all the major Agile techniques from Scrum to Lean and from TDD to DDD. Since August 2012 I am sharing my knowledge with the Nettuts+ readers by articles, tutorials and premium courses, all about programming.


About the lesson

“QA should find nothing!” is the motto you should live and program by. Programs that test other programs can help a lot in reducing errors. Watch this course to learn the basics of unit testing, end-to-end testing, and continuous integration. Automated testing techniques will not only test your code, they’ll help you on the path to becoming a better software developer.

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