City of Shadows: The Rubies of Master Lo

City of Shadows: The Rubies of Master Lo
City of Shadows: The Rubies of Master Lo is published by in March 2014. This book has 53 pages in English, ISBN-13 B00J2H8NCY.

Anything can happen in the dystopian, steampunk -ish city of Lavorgna, a place of fog and shadows, where the undead stalk the night, mad scientists struggle for power and zeppelins soar through the skies overhead. All manner of otherworldly dangers wait for the unwary in Lavorgna, but sixteen-year-old Stevrin is anything but unwary.

A foul-mouthed orphan used to living by his wits, Stevrin is the leader of a gang of boys that poke into the dark corners of the city — for a profit. One day at Hang Tree Market, a man appears out of nowhere, on fire, and flies into a nearby building.

As soon as Stevrin finishes picking off the pieces, he is plunged into a nightmarish adventure of exotic intrigue, assassins, opium dens and monsters beyond his imagination. Bodies are turning up all over town, and if Stevrin doesn’t figure out what’s causing it and put stop to it, the whole world will suffer.

Join him in his latest adventure in “The Rubies of Master Lo”, a 14,000 + word novella.

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