The Secrets of History

The Secrets of History
The Secrets of History is published by in April 2014. This book has 535 pages in English, ISBN-13 B00JHQBZB6.

Author and historian David May takes you on an unforgettable journey throughout history. Covering the span of thousands of years, we take a closer look at some of the more controversial and little known events that have taken place around the globe. These events are presented in an easy to navigate, chronological order. At well over 300 pages, this informative book is packed full of interesting and insightful content you won’t find anywhere else. This eBook takes a unique approach on history, and poses a number of interesting questions.

• Did Atlantis Actually Exist?
• Why Did the Mayan Civilization Come to an Abrupt End?
• Who Built Easter Island?
• Who Poisoned Mozart?
• The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

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