Internet Video The SEO Basics

Internet Video The SEO Basics
Internet Video The SEO Basics is published by in May 2015. This book has 10 pages in English, ISBN-13 B00XS7CX9S.

In this publication we focus on how to use Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) techniques to promote your online video. We will also demonstrate how having video content on your website can help with SEO for the website. Another important consideration for video on your website is that any SEO work done for the website in general can also be useful in terms of helping to promote your video. You need to engage in SEO for both website and video specifically, because the two forms of SEO work hand in hand and complement each other. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO tactics are usually focused on getting more visitors for your website or blog, but can also be focused on increasing the number of views for your online video. It is the process of generating the maximum amount of traffic from the ‘Free’ or ‘Natural Listing’s on Search Engine Search Results.
These Search Result Listings, which are also known as ‘Organic’ listings can be differentiated from the ‘Paid for’ Search Results, which are the adverts that usually appear at the top of the page or else on the right hand side of the Search Results Page. Because the natural listing results have not paid to be there, they are generally considered by many internet users to be the most reliable search results that most closely match the search terms entered and will therefore be of most use to the searcher.
Search Engine Optimization includes a range of strategies, techniques and tactics used to maximise the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking on the Search Engines Search Results Page (SERP). The most important search engines are Google (at the top), with YouTube, Bing and Yahoo also being major providers of search results. An understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital if you want to promote your video online. There are a wide range of individuals, groups, organisations and companies that have reasons to want to promote their particular video online. Individuals could include singers ( or bands ) that want their music to reach the widest possible audience. Groups could include charities that want to highlight their cause and raise funds. Online Video is becoming more and more important for companies and businesses to promote the products and services of their company. Online Marketing Video is the fastest growing area in marketing today. It has been proved to be one of the most effective methods of persuasive communication available. With cheaper technology and the emergence of a very internet aware generation it is now within the reach of small to medium businesses as well as the major corporations. Regardless of the reason for wanting to have your online video reach the widest possible target audience or target market, the fundamental of SEO are the same for everyone. We outline the steps involved in optimizing the video so that it will rank well on search engines when a relevant search term is entered. The use of Keywords is extremely important when giving the video a title and description. We explain in more detail how keywords can help your video reach a wider audience. We also explain the importance of maximising inbound links as well as a range of other tried and tested techniques that will help your video achieve the highest possible number of views, shares and likes online.

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