Take Control of Security for Mac Users

Take Control of Security for Mac Users
Take Control of Security for Mac Users is published by in May 2015. This book has 178 pages in English, ISBN-13 B00YNXRJNQ.

Do credit card fraud, hacking, identity theft, and online shopping and banking risks concern you? How about the dangers of malware, phishing, and Wi-Fi sniffing when you use your Mac? You are not alone — these dangers top the lists of security concerns in many surveys. But you needn’t unplug to stay secure, no more than you should barricade yourself in your home to keep from being mugged. Instead, you can take common sense precautions to reduce the risks and avoid the harm that could befall you, your Mac, and your data.

Take Control of Security for Mac Users is a calm, friendly look at the topic, designed to help you determine your risk level (from 1-4) and provide sensible recommendations for increasing your security without causing undue inconvenience.

In particular, you’ll find help with:

  • Determining your risk level (from 1-4)
  • Implementing essential quick security fixes
  • Identifying and avoiding phishing attempts
  • Controlling access to your Mac via a firewall
  • Managing local access to your data with sensible user accounts
  • Sharing Mac resources like screens and files safely
  • Securing your home network and working securely on someone else’s network
  • Protecting your Mac’s data from snoops and thieves with FileVault
  • Sharing/transferring encrypted files
  • Keeping your iCloud data (such as email and photos!) safe
  • Preventing data theft with encrypted disk images, files, and folders
  • Deleting data securely to prevent unexpected leaks
  • Deciding whether to use anti-malware software
  • Improving passwords to block unauthorized access

Perhaps most important, you’ll also find advice about what to do if something bad happens, with suggestions about how to recover from data loss, a malware or phishing attack, a network intrusion, or identity theft.

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