Programming Swift! Playgrounds

Programming Swift! Playgrounds
Programming Swift! Playgrounds is published by in July 2015. This book has 48 pages in English, ISBN-13 B0115PV52U.

“Programming Swift! Playgrounds” is a free supplementary ebook in the “Programming Swift!” series from AppSmith books.

This book will give you a visual, guided tour of Xcode Playgrounds with hands-on coding examples that addresses the 4 main areas of Xcode playgrounds all bound together in one handy ebook.

Topics covered include:

The basics, getting to know playgrounds and the various panels like: the code editor, the results sidebar, the assistant editor, console output, quick view and inline results panels and the time line.

You’ll go behind the scenes and work with the built in Sources and Resources folders for adding support code files and resources such as images.

You’ll work with the XCPlayground framework and tap into the playground specific functions like, XCPShowView and XCPCatureValue.

There’s also a chapter on playgrounds with rich comments using Markdown.

This book is design to accompany the other books in the Programming Swift! series, so you’ll have an up-to-date, handy, hands-on reference for the latest version of Xcode Playgrounds!

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