scip Labs 6

scip Labs 6
scip Labs 6 is published by in August 2015. This book has 347 pages in English, ISBN-13 B014F7YDTC.

The world is in motion. Mobile solutions enter the business world. Wearables, computers worn on the body, open new possibilities for data collection and espionage and even cars can be hacked. Data is being stored in clouds. Virtualisation becomes increasingly relevant to all users of technology and datacenters grow at an exponential rate. These developments make new policies and organizational restructuring not just advisable but necessary.

What risks are there for data? What do we need to look out for in years to come? The experts of scip AG, an information security company based in Zurich, tackled these questions present the results of their research in this book.

Not only do they give insight into the work done in information security, but they also offer advice for security-conscious users of smartphones, tablets as well as wearables. Network administrators can learn what tricks there are in building a secure network and what organizational processes must be observed to make data as secure as possible. The scip experts also give a rare glimpse into the culture of the hacker scene and how people in information security think and operate.

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