Programming Swift! Swift 2

Programming Swift! Swift 2
Programming Swift! Swift 2 is published by in September 2015. This book has 429 pages in English, ISBN-13 B015VNYQX2.

“Programming Swift! Swift 2” is the latest book in the Programming Swift! series from AppSmith Books.

Start learning to program and start right now with Swift 2 and Xcode 7.

You’ll learn about Playgrounds and Xcode Projects, functional programming, object oriented programming and protocol oriented programming. You’ll learn the language that will power iOS and OS X in the years to come.

Even if you haven’t decided to build the next killer app for the iPhone and you just want to learn to program, Swift 2 is a great language to start with. Ultra modern, capable, powerful and fun – you’ll love learning Swift 2.

This book covers all the major features of the Swift 2 language. You’ll start off in Playgrounds learning about variables, constants, types and objects. Then you’ll move on to IF statements, flow control, Switch statements, loops, arrays, dictionaries, protocols, delegates, optionals, object oriented programming, classes, structs, enums, native types and framework types, error handling, protocol extensions, optionals, guard statements and more.

This book is all about learning the Swift language at your own pace. There are hundreds of code samples, exercises and challenges. You can download all the source code, playground files and Xcode projects listed in the book.

I’ve been programming for more than 20 years in C, Basic, Pearl, Objective-C, Java, C#, Visual Basic and now Swift, and if I can learn it, you can too. If your Mac can run Xcode 7 what are you waiting for? Get Xcode from the app store and let’s get coding!

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