Learn Digital Electronics

Learn Digital Electronics
Learn Digital Electronics is published by in October 2015. This book has 657 pages in English, ISBN-13 B0168V9Y9C.

Digital electronics is essential to understanding the design and working of a wide range of applications, from consumer and industrial electronics to communications; from embedded systems, and computers to security and military equipment. As the devices used in these applications decrease in size and employ more complex technology, it is essential for engineers and students to fully understand both the fundamentals and also the implementation and application principles of digital electronics, devices and integrated circuits, thus enabling them to use the most appropriate and effective technique to suit their technical needs.
Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices and Applications is a comprehensive book covering, in one volume, both the fundamentals of digital electronics and the applications of digital devices and integrated circuits. It is different from similar books on the subject in more than one way. Each chapter in the book, whether it is related to operational fundamentals or applications, is amply illustrated with diagrams and design examples. In addition, the book covers several new topics, which are of relevance to any one having an interest in digital electronics and not covered in the books already in print on the subject. These include digital troubleshooting, digital instrumentation, programmable logic devices, microprocessors and microcontrollers. While the book covers in entirety what is required by undergraduate and graduate level students of engineering in electrical, electronics, computer science and information technology disciplines, it is intended to be a very useful reference book for professionals, R&D scientists and students at post graduate level.

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