DevOps is published by in October 2015. This book has 90 pages in English, ISBN-13 B0170ME48E.

This book is an exploration of DevOps (Developer Operations). It begins by explaining what DevOps is, how it is used, and why it was introduced. The next step is a guide on how one can set up TomEE from Puppet. The Puppet and Packer immutable servers are also explored, and thus you will know how to work with them after reading this book. The book will guide you on how to set up a modern web stack in Ubuntu, which is a distribution of the Linux operating system. With the advancement in technology, users now liketo use databases which are more advanced for their applications. Note that each of the web applications developed has a database. With DynamoDB, the administration overhead is greatly reduced. This book will guide you on how to shift your database from MongoDB to DynamoDB. The process of performing operations on tree structures in MongoDB is also discussed in detail, enabling you to operate on different types of tree structures. You will also learn how to configure your Apache for multiple domains. Reverse cache proxy, which is a very nice feature in Nginx is presented in detail, instructing you on how to work with it. The process of using Nginx in a web application is further explored.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:


  • Definition
  • Installation of TomEE from Puppet
  • Puppet and Packer Immutable Servers
  • How to set up a modern web stack in Ubuntu
  • Migration of MongoDB to DynamoDB
  • MongoDB and Tree Structures
  • Configuration of Apache for Multiple Domains
  • Reverse Cache Proxy in Nginx
  • Setting Up LAMP on Ubuntu hosted on AWS
  • Using Nginx with a Web Application

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