Mac Kung Fu

Mac Kung Fu
Mac Kung Fu is published by in October 2015. This book has 749 pages in English, ISBN-13 B0173TFUQO.

Squeeze every drop of juice from OS X with over 400 quick and easy tips, tricks, hints and hacks in Mac Kung Fu: Second Edition. Exploit secret settings and hidden apps, push built-in tools to the limit, radically personalize your Mac experience, and make “it just works” even better. In addition to core OS X technologies, this significantly revised and expanded update to the best-selling first edition dissects new tools such as iCloud, Notifications, Reminders, and Calendar.

This discounted Kindle edition of the 120,000+ word, 400+ page print book follows the original publication back in December 2012 by Pragmatic Bookshelf, which was written with Mac OS X Mountain Lion in mind. However, most of the content remains incredibly invaluable for those wishing to polish their Mac skills to a razor-like edge.

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