Self-education for Web Developers

Self-education for Web Developers
Self-education for Web Developers is published by in October 2015. This book has 70 pages in English, ISBN-13 B017632IYY.

This book is for those who have always dreamed of designing applications but didn’t know what to begin with. It is for those who have lost their enthusiasm for learning somewhere between launching Linux and setting up RVM. It is for those who are thinking about trying a new field but not sure if they have enough time. The book may also be useful for those who believe that programming is difficult and that one needs college education to be a programmer.

Once, when I was studying at school, I decided that I want to develop web applications. When I started on that path, I was unaware of the whole new chaotic world waiting for me. This world offered me an endless array of technologies, each of which seemed like an island in itself that was interrelated with other islands in a weird way.

I spent months picking up pieces of the information about front-end and back-end, on how the data from a database gets into a website, and how the website itself gets into the Internet; why you can’t use HTML only, and why Ruby is a good choice, and PHP is a bad one.

I was desperate for a guidebook that would explain in simple terms where to start and which way to go, which technologies and terms I should study first, and which of them I might use later.

And now, with over 6 years of experience of working with numerous companies, including online language learning market leader and top mobile ads company and knowing from my own experience how difficult the entry-level job market is, I feel it would be very unfair of me not to share my ideas on how to eventually become a web developer.

That’s how the book called “Self-education for web developers” was created. This is a guide that will help everyone who choses the same path as me not to lose their enthusiasm and follow the right directions.

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