How a Computer Works

How a Computer Works
How a Computer Works is published by in December 2015. This book has 319 pages in English, ISBN-13 B019EFAH4U.

How a Computer Works is a colorful guide and reference book. Packed with stunning graphics this guide brings the inside of a Windows PC to life.
A fascinating and absorbing overview of what’s happening inside a computer.
Useful to students or those wishing to learn the mysterious operation of how a computer works. The book delves into the operation of the key components of a personal computer. The computers key processes are described in short form. Includes clear diagrams of the main computer parts.
The heart of any computer is the CPU the book explains with clear diagrams the internal operation of an Intel Pentium processor.
Includes comprehensive guides to the main components of a windows PC.
Explains the technologies that make up a computer.
Explains where all the connections on the back go to.
Includes 28 chapters that explain the mystery of these technologies:-
Motherboard, PCI Bus, The power on self-test, BOOT Up process, Intel Pentium CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, CD-ROM/DVD, Modem,
Printer, Interrupts, FireWire, Expansion Cards, Serial and Parallel Ports, BIOS, Plug and Play, Mouse, Keyboard, Floppy Disk,
USB, Scanner, Sound, MIDI, SCSI, Monitor.

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