Software Engineering Brief

Software Engineering Brief
Software Engineering Brief is published by in January 2016. This book has 23 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01AB3A8UW.

This briefing provides the reader an overview of the major elements of software engineering covering what it is, the key topics within the industry, and how these topics can be applied in a way that is both professional and ethical.

This book includes a Preface by the author Caleb D. McElrath. A software engineer for over a decade, McElrath is passionate about providing aspiring software engineers the necessary information for success: “There are thousands of books out there on software engineering polluting the tech space with massive, complex, textbook-like writing that provides more questions than answers. I wanted Software Engineering Brief to provide a succinct yet thoroughly knowledgeable explanation of the fundamental concepts of software engineering – the need-to-know information that all aspiring software engineers *must* have.”

After reading this briefing you will have a further understanding of the wonderful world of software engineering and how it can be used to create high-quality solutions.

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