Knock Someone Out: With ONE punch

Knock Someone Out: With ONE punch
Knock Someone Out: With ONE punch is published by in January 2016. This book has 152 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01ATJQK28.

The ONE-PUNCH knockout.

That elusive ability seen only on the big screen, in magazines or among the most elite level of fighters.

Well now I’m going to teach you how YOU can ‘DEVELOP A KNOCKOUT PUNCH’ too.

I’ll teach you the secrets of how to knock someone out with just one solitary blow.

I’ll disclose what you need to do in order to hone your punching skills to an incredibly high level for the street or for sport.

You’ll learn:

— How to throw a punch PROPERLY.
— The fastest punch there is.
— The BEST knockout punch to use.
— The street fighters favourite.
— A punch to break through any guard.
— Exactly where you need to hit in order to guarantee a knockout.
— How to massively improve your targeting so you never miss.
— How to hit someone so fast they don’t even see it coming.
— How to time your punches perfectly so they always land.
— How to add massive power to all your punches.
— and plenty more.

I’ll personally take you through my thirty years of studying, training, competing and fighting and share with you everything I have discovered and developed along the way that will help you to develop that much sought after, ONE-PUNCH KNOCKOUT.

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