Hacker Up on Facebook Security

Hacker Up on Facebook Security
Hacker Up on Facebook Security is published by in February 2016. This book has 36 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01CDD49GM.

HackerUp on Facebook Security is the go-to source for Facebook users who care about keeping their stuff secure. Even if you grew up on Facebook, you probably don’t realize the risks. Do you know how much information the apps you use through Facebook get?
• Are you handing out your age, birthdate, timeline posts, and Friends lists without realizing it?
• Did you know that apps can keep your data even if you uninstall them?
• Did you realize that even your Friend’s apps might grab your data? Even if YOU don’t use those apps?
This ebook teaches you how to minimize these risks by downloading wisely and configuring advanced security settings. It even teaches you how to spot the scammers and avoid malicious attacks.
Whether you live on Facebook or just joined, this book is for you. Every Facebook user will find something important in this book.

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