SQL: with practice exercises, Learn SQL Fast

SQL: with practice exercises, Learn SQL Fast
SQL: with practice exercises, Learn SQL Fast is published by in March 2016. This book has 135 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01CX2B006.

SQL is a valuable and widely-used IT skill. It is the key to handling data in databases. It is used across technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and even Microsoft Access.

This book gives you a way to learn SQL fast. It’s a one-stop course to take readers from beginner-level, to a level where they can comfortably use SQL to retrieve, and analyze, data.

First, this book guides you through getting, and setting up, free SQL Server software, and a free database, directly from Microsoft. Next, it introduces SQL in bite-size examples, explaining the principles behind each new concept. At each stage, it provides practice exercises so you can try out what you learn, as you go. As the course progresses, the examples and exercises show how to combine the basic concepts to write more advanced queries.

In short, this book is written for those who want to learn SQL as well as they can, as fast as they can. It’s for people who want to learn how to use SQL and learn the principles behind it too.

If that sounds like you, try this book today!

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