Time To Shine (Special Photo Edition)

Time To Shine (Special Photo Edition)
Time To Shine (Special Photo Edition) is published by in March 2016. This book has 272 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01DL8S4KK.

So you want to be a social media star? Find out how Travis DesLaurier went from zero to 800,000 social media followers in six months. A book about Travis DesLaurier and the journey to social media fame.

Time To Shine reveals a glimpse into my personal life and a few of the struggles that helped shape the way I think and challenge myself for success! I explain my thought process behind my tattoos, relationships, fitness journey and even my fluffy companion, Jacob. By reading this, I hope you’ll have a better understanding of who I am and what I’m trying to achieve.

As I share my story with you, I also give guidance on how to accomplish your own success by using the power of today’s advancements with social media. My chapter on “So you want to be social media famous?” gives insight on how the business of social media is conducted and how to become an influencer by promoting your own brand.

I hope you enjoy the book and are inspired to follow your passion!

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