Gatgets Geeks Box Set: Raspberry Pi

Gatgets Geeks Box Set: Raspberry Pi
Gatgets Geeks Box Set: Raspberry Pi is published by in April 2016. This book has 247 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01DYDFYK0.

In this book You’ll also find information on:

Transfer information from one phone to another
Take screenshots
Set up the status bar
Use one-handed shortcuts
Backup photos
Use the e-mail
Calendar applications

BOOK #2: Raspberry Pi: Guide For Simple Python & Projects Programming

This guidebook will open the doors to programming in Python, which is one of the most popular and powerful software development languages out there today. And unlike Java and C++, Python is the democratic language. It’s simple to learn, easy to use and readily available. You can download a Python Compiler for free today and be programming within minutes.

BOOK #3: Chromecast Device: Ultimate Guide on How to Set Up and Use a Chromecast Device

With thousands of potential applications and new features coming out constantly, you need to have the advantage when working your Chromecast. Let us guide you through the Chromecast experience and get you on your way to being a streaming expert.

BOOK #4: Hacking for Beginners: 48 Things Every Hacker Must Know About How to Hack

This is the purpose behind “Hacking for Beginners: 48 things every hacker must know about how to hack”. To present an informative and educational list of the various issues involved at the beginning of someone’s journey into the world of hacking. However, the most important issue addressed is knowledge.

BOOK #5: Hacking: Learn the Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

White hat hacking versus black hat and gray hat hacking
How to hack into computer systems
Reporting vulnerabilities to business management
Becoming CEH certified as an ethical hacker
Performing penetration testing
Helping IT management to protect their sensitive information

BOOK #6: Amazon Echo: Learn How to Use Amazon Echo With This Outstanding User Guide

This guide aims to help you get the most out of your Amazon echo device by covering all the essential bases. Learn how to set up the Amazon Echo and connect it to your Wi-Fi and your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, learn about the Alexa app and all it’s settings and voice controls, which is at the core of the Amazon Echo. On top of this, get to grips with how Amazon Echo can be used to listen and stream music and perform an assortment of tasks, such as buying Amazon products or inquiring about the weather.

BOOK #7: Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi! Plus Raspberry Pi Projects, Tutorials, Troubleshooting, and Much More!

This book is a simple introduction to the fascinating universe of the small range of computers known as Raspberry Pi.

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