Controller Area Network

Controller Area Network
Controller Area Network is published by in August 2016. This book has 48 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01KD30DVE.

The Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) was developed in the mid 1980’s by Bosch and Intel, for use in the automotive industry. Today, CAN Bus is not only used in passenger cars, but it is also used in many other applications such as
– Bus
– Train
– Aviation
– Lift
– Medical Equipment
– Space application
– And much, much more …

My goal in this series of eBooks is to explain the fundamentals of the Bus System and CAN Bus protocol, and to give you a detailed understanding how communication between microcomputers in the automotive industry transmit-, receive, and process data.

In the Controller Area Network Projects – Part 2, you will learn about the Arduino and Raspberry Pi Framework, and you will be walked through the installation process, what software needs to be installed, and how to prototype software application. We will also hack into an instrument cluster to identify CAN Bus Ids from the modules and write functionalities in the software to control the module unit.

At the end of this eBook you will have a good understanding,
– How Network Communication works
– How Controller Area Network works
– Have the knowledge to proceed to Part 2 (CAN Bus Projects)

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