Easy Excel

Easy Excel
Easy Excel is published by in October 2016. This book has 36 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01M7UHAE7.

This guide will provide the tools you need to build on your Excel knowledge. It lists several of the most commonly used functions used in Excel. It also is an excellent reference to have at your fingertips to assist in completing some daily tasks within Excel. It was written to help people that have most of the knowledge to get the job done but struggle when the tasks involve Excel. This book is not intended to be an advanced guide for those already versed in Excel. It is meant to be a quick
reference when completing a spreadsheet, for those new to Excel. I suggest you follow along with the examples while coming up with your own data to analyze. The basic data provided is a good start to understand each instruction. The guide will give you a better understanding of Excel layout, navigation, common formulas and formatting.

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