The Secret of Safe Privacy

The Secret of Safe Privacy
The Secret of Safe Privacy is published by in December 2016. This book has 30 pages in English, ISBN-13 B01N7LCZQD.

If you are looking to learn about how to properly protect your computer and an “out-of-the-box” real solution that works… this is really going to call your attention. This is a method that Antivirus Companies don’t want you to know.

The Secret of Safe Privacy is an eBook that will show you a unique and innovative way to re-use your computer to achieve a level of security and privacy on your computer like you have never had before.

Computers are very important assets, especially if you run your own business from home. Allowing any threat to hit your system, may have a massive impact in your finances and can lead to permanent damages to your data and computer.

The main BENEFIT of this solution you are about to learn is that it isolates your computer from your internet activities. In case you get any infection from MALWARE, your computer is genuinely not affected, as it is totally isolated from the internet. You are achieving this by virtualizing your internet activities on a system that is totally independent from your main system. And that is running within your computer.

Here are the benefits of virtualizing your internet activities that you will learn:
a) MOST IMPORTANT: You are not going to deal with RANSOMWARE or Key Loggers. If you don’t know what that is… you should, because these two bad boys can empty your bank account if you are unfortunate to join the millions of victims affected by these two threats.
b) Protect your bank accounts from MALWARE Attackers in case you are managing your finances online.
c) Save money and time in computer repairs
d) Total protection for your valuable data and computer at no cost and without the need of an antivirus.
e) Isolate your computer and data from any internet threats, including Ransomware.
f) Total PRIVACY in your computer. Forget about creating personal profiles that really don’t give you any privacy.

The eBook comes with a free “How to Step-by-Step” Master Guide that will help you to deploy this cutting-edge technology in your own computer, without the help of anyone and totally at no extra cost.

Don’t worry; it is designed so people with not IT experience can deploy this easily. It is going to be fun, very practical, and most importantly… it is going to keep your computer performing amazing and safe.

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