Learning Python for data mining

Learning Python for data mining
Learning Python for data mining is published by in July 2017. This book has 285 pages in English, ISBN-13 B074D7CVQL.

My goal is to accompany a reader who is starting to study this programming language, showing her through basic concepts and then move to data mining. We will begin by explaining how to use Python and its structures, how to install Python, which tools are best suited for a data analyst work, and then switch to an introduction to data mining packages. The book is in any case an introduction. Its aim is not, for instance, to fully explain topics such as machine learning or statistics with this programming language, which would take at least twice or three times as much as this entire book. The aim is to provide a guidance from the first programming steps with Python to manipulation and import of datasets, to some examples of data analysis.

To be more precise, in the Getting Started section, we will run through some basic installation concepts, tools available for programming on Python, differences between Python2 and Python3, and setting up a work folder.

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