Google Tips & Tricks

Google Tips & Tricks
Google Tips & Tricks is published by in October 2016. This book has 180 pages in English, ISBN-13 .

Google are full of surprises. Very few companies can cause such discussion when they change their logo. But there is far more to Google than meets the eye and this book aims to take you through the depths of the Google Ocean so you’ll never have to ‘google it’ ever again.
The power of Google
– Learn about the depth’s of the company who is shaping our future

– Let Google help you with shopping, organisation, exploration and more

Lifestyle Tricks
– From Play Music All Access to Google+ photo editing, get the most from all the Google apps

Productivity Tricks
– From keeping track with Google’s Calendar to running your business

Also inside…
– Organise in Gmail
– Back up and chat in Google+
– Edit images in Google+
– Upload to YouTube
– Mange your music
– Download apps
– Scan barcodes and shop
– Follow the news
– Create a custom map
– View the world in Google Earth
– Translate text
– Get more from Chrome
– Create, share and edit documents and spreadsheets
– Back up your files
– Create a website
– Analyse your site data
– Discover Google Duo

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