How To: Convert PSD to HTML/CSS

How To: Convert PSD to HTML/CSS
How To: Convert PSD to HTML/CSS is published by in July 2013. This book has 144 pages in English, ISBN-13 .

The definitive guide for converting Adobe Photoshop designs into HTML/CSS.

A complete 130+ page, step-by-step PDF guide, on converting a Photoshop (.PSD format) design file into functional HTML/CSS.

This guide comes packed with a: 1. Ready-made Photoshop design to start with 2. Converted HTML/CSS to learn from 3. A blank HTML/CSS folder to start coding

This guide covers three simple steps to convert a .psd design made in Photoshop, to HTML/CSS:

  1. Analyze First see how to analyze your designs and break it into parts and smaller units. This saves you tonnes of time, as you learn which parts of your design can be coded with CSS or not.
  2. Write Learn various tips and tricks for writing code, including how to use the same framework in the guide to speed up development.
  3. Check See how to test your converted HTML/CSS files across multiple browsers, like Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and more.

You’ll also learn how to debug and fix any errors in your work.

What you’ll learn

This guide is great if you want to learn how to convert a design made with Adobe Photoshop, into a HTML/CSS document. It’s a step-by-step guide that explains everything you need to know to get started.

It comes packed with an exclusive readymade Photoshop design called Monoplate, complete with converted files. There’s also a blank folder of HTML & CSS files that you can start with to accompany Monoplate.

Who should do this

This guide is great for web designers with some experience of HTML and CSS. Some knowledge of Photoshop is assumed.

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