Implementing Laravel

Implementing Laravel
Implementing Laravel is published by in October 2013. This book has 105 pages in English, ISBN-13 .

So, you know the basics of Laravel. You’ve read about unit testing. Perhaps you’ve read Taylor Otwell’s book and have a grasp of Dependency Injection, IoC containers and SOLID principles. Now you have a project that needs building!

BUT: You’re still left with the looming question of implementation: How do I actually use these principles? How should I organize my application code? Why do I still end up with so much code in my controllers?

This book is the bridge over the gap between knowing good architecture principles and implementing them in your application.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Concrete examples on architecting working code in testable and maintainable ways.
  • Using Laravel’s IoC containers and Service Providers
  • Code organization, and the thinking behind it
  • Including and Implementing third-party packages
  • Real-world, working code available on GitHub

Some Chapters Include:

  • Installation and Environment Setup
  • Using the Repository Pattern
  • Caching in the Repository
  • Error Handling with Notifications
  • Validation as a Service
  • Testable Form Processing

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