JavaScript Refactoring Techniques [Video]

JavaScript Refactoring Techniques [Video]
JavaScript Refactoring Techniques [Video] is published by in August 2016. This book has 14 min pages in English, ISBN-13 .

We all read more code than we write. Naturally we should be doing something to optimize the reading experience. Refactoring is the process of improving the structure and readability of code without changing its functionality.

In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Pavan Podila will show you seven different techniques that can help you write more readable and refactored code. You’ll see how to leverage the JavaScript ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) syntax and features such as template strings, hoisting, IIFE, Function.bind, and a few more. By the end of this ten-minute Coffee Break Course, you will have some powerful techniques to improve and simplify your JavaScript code.

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