Oh My JS

Oh My JS
Oh My JS is published by in May 2014. This book has 128 pages in English, ISBN-13 .

Oh My JavaScript

JavaScript is great! It’s in the browser and on the server. We love it! But sometime we, JavaScript developers, find topics such as scoping, object instantiating, “this” context, etc. confusing and poorly documents. Oh My JavaScript is a collection of best articles on JavaScript/Node.js which will save your many hours of frustrations and internet searches!

Oh My JavaScript: The Best Article is a compilation of publicly available resources conveniently edited and packaged in an ebook format (PDF, ePub, mobi). Attributions are carefully preserved.


JavaScript syntax and patterns.

Style and Organization

Best practices and conventions.


Best tools for front and back-end development.


Test-Driven Development.


Performance tests and server-side memory testing.


Peculiarities of server-side JavaScript development.

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