Power up HTML5 with JavaScript [Video]

Power up HTML5 with JavaScript [Video]
Power up HTML5 with JavaScript [Video] is published by in June 2016. This book has 2 hours pages in English, ISBN-13 .

Learn some amazing JavaScript API and HTML5 technologies Use JavaScript with HTML5 to create interactive content

This course will demonstrate and help you learn some of the technologies that are available within HTML5 and JavaScript

JavaScript API allows you to access so much information from your web page. Using new HTML5 elements along side JavaScript can really make amazing experiences for web users.

Taught by a course instructor with over 15 years of real web development experience. Having created and works on hundreds of websites and web applications, we bring years of experience to you in this course.

Learn to create JavaScript Drag and Drop
How to use Event Listeners to create interactive content
Use web storage local and session storage explained.
How geolocation works
How to use web workers
Drawing paths on Canvas
Creating animations with canvas
And a lot more.
Top resources, links and source code is included.

When you are ready lets start learning JavaScript APIs.

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