Rapid Node.js Training [Video]

Rapid Node.js Training [Video]
Rapid Node.js Training [Video] is published by in April 2015. This book has 3.5 hours pages in English, ISBN-13 .

Get up and running with Node.js, a lightweight and efficient JavaScript-based platform for building network apps.

In this course we begin with Node’s background, concepts and strategies for writing asynchronous code. We then examine Node’s module system, including built-in modules, application modularization as well as the NPM third party module registry. From there we tackle EventEmitters and Streams, as well as utilities for interacting with the local file system. Next we look at using Node to write both client and server web applications, as well as real time integration with Socket.IO. We wrap up with writing unit tests using both the built-in assert module and third party frameworks.

So after this training, you will be able to judge if the particular characteristics of Node can help you in your projects.

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