Please let us know if you are looking for any book. We’ll try our best to update it.

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  1. Irma Collins says:

    Can you add “Behind Bars: The Straight-Up Tales of a Big City Bartender” by Ty Wenzel?

    • neky says:

      Hi Irma,

      Please be advised we couldn’t found the book you requested ( it doesn’t have any e-book/ scan version).
      Sorry for this inconvenience.

  2. Gavin G.D.Arslarda says:

    Erich Gamma
    Richard Helm
    Ralph Johnson
    John Vlissides

  3. Sanket says:

    Exercises for Programmers
    57 Challenges to Develop Your Coding Skills

    by Brian P. Hogan

  4. Ampleforth says:

    Gamification with Moodle 2.0
    writtten in 2015
    by Natalie Denmeade

  5. fLoPPy says:

    Complete Arbitrage Deskbook by Stephane Reverre

  6. Chatfinger says:

    Hello. Can you add “NoSQL and SQL Data Modeling Bringing Together Data, Semantics, and Software” by Ted Hills? Thanks in advance

  7. Albert Bog says:


    Would like to request ebook for:

    Joe Celko’s SQL For Smarties Advanced SQL Programming Fourth Edition.

  8. Amin says:

    Hello,Thanks for sharing books
    I’m looking for 2 books i can’t find anywhere to download
    Please upload them if possible

    A Systems Approach to LithiumIon Battery Management
    Battery Management Systems for Large Lithium Ion Battery Packs

    • neky says:

      Hi Amin,

      We have been trying but couldnot find them 🙁
      Please let us know if any thing we can help.

      • Amin says:

        Thank you very much for taking time to find them..
        Yes unfortunately i couldn’t find them too,
        Publishers are getting smarter:)
        It seems there are some books either not having ebook version on the net or ebook version not uploaded by someone on the net…

  9. Waheed says:

    Looking for this book
    Understanding and using controller area network protocol: theory and practice

  10. Burak T. says:

    Can you add ‘The Majesty of Vue.js 2’?

  11. Dee C. says:

    Can you add “Code Complete” by Steve McConnell?

  12. Bill Miller says:

    Mastering Metasploit – Second Edition – ISBN-13: 978-1786463166
    Kali Linux Intrusion and Exploitation Cookbook – ISBN-13: 978-1783982165

  13. Sam Kennedy says:

    I’d like to request for the following book:
    Rails, Angular, Postgres and Bootstrap (Second Edition):

    Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

  14. Dennis says:

    Hi I’d like to request for the following books:
    -A Complete Guide to the Futures Market: Technical Analysis, Trading Systems, Fundamental Analysis, Options, Spreads, and Trading Principles (Wiley Trading) By Jack D. Schwager and Mark Etzkron
    -The inner voice of tradind by Michael Martin

  15. Nasir says:

    Hello, I’m Nasir.
    First, I want to thank you for sharing the most needed books.You re doing a great job.
    And I want to request about a book named “Head First C”.
    Here’s the link:

  16. Dennis says:

    Thank you very much Neky

  17. Mwenga says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing books.
    I’d wish to kindly request for the following books:
    -The Trading Tribe by Ed Seykota
    -Panic-Proof Investing: Lessons in Profitable Investing from a Market Wizard by Thomas F. Basso
    -Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors by Van K. Tharp

  18. Jordan Alleys says:

    I suggest the following books:
    – iOS 10 App Development Essentials by Neil Smyth
    – iOS Apps for Masterminds, 2nd edition by J.D. Gauchat

    Thanks and regards,

  19. Serge says:

    I would be grateful if you could add this book:
    Python Microservices Development by Tarek Ziadé .

    Thank you!

    • neky says:

      Hi Serge,

      This book will be published on October 5, 2017.
      At this time, we couldn’t found any early version.

  20. beccaevin says:

    Quartz Job Scheduling Framework
    Building Open Source Enterprise Applications
    by Chuck Cavaness

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