The Hackers Manual (2015) – Revised Edition

The Hackers Manual (2015) – Revised Edition
The Hackers Manual (2015) – Revised Edition is published by in August 2015. This book has 178 pages in English, ISBN-13 .
Take your Linux skills to the next level with 80+ security tricks and hardware hacks.
Over 80 hacking tutorials to get your teeth into! Networking – dive into the protocols, build a network and analyse your traffic. Sysadmin – harness the power of Docker and learn time-saving terminal tricks. Hacking – get a full Linux OS on your phone and hack your distro for speed. Privacy – give The Man the slip and protect your privacy with our help.
Hacking has a bad name in the mainstream press, but we know the truth, hacking has much nobler roots. Hacking is really about a hunger for knowledge, which is why we’ve laid out the best tutorials and the most useful features from the most recent issues of Linux Format as a feast for the hungry hacker to devour.
You’ll learn things like how to stay anonymous online; how to secure your phone; how to take control of all your data and set up a personal cloud and even learn a few web cracks that the ‘Dark Side’ may try to fling in your direction.
We think this year’s Hacker Manual is the best one yet. Tuck in and enjoy the hack!

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